Classes and Schedule

Solo Baston Serrada
Wednesdays - 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm at
3443 Carlin Springs Road, Bailey's Crossroads, VA 22041

Solo Baston Serrada (Single Stick Combat)

Single stick fighting. One of the core skills for any lightning combatives practitioner. In this class, students learn to identify and neutralize a threat.

Core skills focused on are learning to wield a blunt weapon, recognizing and responding to threats. Students at varying levels will first learn to use the weapon, identify threats, and then learn to neutralize threats. This includes learning how to end the engagement through striking, disarms, and/or takedowns.

Techniques in this class are not only applicable with the traditional practice weapon but can be applied to baton use, sword, and improvised weapons. 

Available to all levels. 

Espada/Baston y Daga Serrada
Sunday - 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm at
132 W Jefferson St. Falls Church, VA 22046

Espada y Daga Serrada (Stick and Dagger Combat)

This forms the core of the Lightning curriculum since the system is an Espada y Daga system, first and foremost. All movements across the style are derived from the combination of using one long and one short weapon with different attributes.

Core skills focused on are learning to manage two weapons and being able to quickly and effectively use them in combat. This includes engaging threats at long distance and then closing the distance to end the engagement.

Available to all levels.

Doble Baston Serrada 
Sunday - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm at
132 W Jefferson St. Falls Church, VA 22046

Doble Baston Serrada (Double Stick Combat)

The coordination, endurance, and power generation developed when training with two weapons is invaluable. When dealing with weapons, you can find yourself suddenly having two weapons in hand and will need to be able to effectively use them in combat. Whether you begin with two weapons, have access to two weapons, or disarm an opponent and find yourself with an extra tool, you will be able to use the tools immediately.

Core skills that are developed in this class is learning to use both hands independently and in conjunction with each other to effectively wield two evenly matched weapons in combat.

Available to all levels.

Required Equipment:
  • Rattan sticks (28" long, 1" diamater)
  • Training Knife (Aluminum or wood)
  • Padded Training Knife
  • Padded Stick (28" actionflex, required for sparring)
  • Fencing mask (Required for Sparring)
  • Groin guard/Cup
  • Uniform

Recommended Equipment:
  • Eye protection (squash, airsoft etc...)
  • Lacrosse Gloves

Many of the items can be purchased from the club using the member portal
As a former bouncer at a very large nightclub in the bad part of DC, I know how fast a fight can start and how devastating injuries can be. A simple pool cue or a broken bottle become improvised sticks and knives, and knowing how to deal with these threats can save your life. Even if you don't go out on the town, plenty of muggers carry knives and pool cues or baseball bats. As the survivor of fights with weapons and fists, I can tell you first hand that Lightning Scientific Arnis is the training I wish I had had before I started working security.

Even though I do quite a bit less fighting these days for a profession and fight more for fitness and self mastery, the skills and training of Arnis have upped my ability in other arts as well. Self defense should be available to everyone, and I feel it is a good investment of your time and art. As such, Lightning Arnis is worth your time and effort for fitness and defense.
- Raven B., Bouncer and Medical Professional
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