Angelo Garcia
Founder and Head Instructor of DC Lightning Scientific Arnis

Angelo began working with edged and impact weapons when he started training in the Filipino Martial Arts Style, Lightning Scientific Arnis, under Master Jon Escudero with the Lightning Scientific Arnis Israel in Tel Aviv . Filipino Martial Arts styles have proven effective both in competition and in the street. 
It was during his training in Israel that Angelo trained side by side with like-minded Krav Maga instructors as well as Israeli Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Professionals who were drawn to the simplicity and effectiveness of Lightning Scientific Arnis.
After spending three years of extensive training under Master Jon Escudero, he established the Washington, DC Lightning Scientific Arnis program in 2011.
Students from all walks of life such as business owners, government contractors, law enforcement officers, security professionals, as well as university students and kindergarten teachers are able to train for leisure, self-defense, fitness, and to incorporate new tools in their close-quarters combatives arsenal.

A specialist in stick and knife fighting, Angelo has long been passionate about martial arts. He spent 7 years training Taekwondo and currently cross-trains in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This understanding provides him with the ability to relate his lessons to concepts all of his students from other styles understands.
Angelo has competed in stick fighting and knife fighting competitions in the United States and in Europe and currently holds a Level 3 Rank under Master Jon Escudero. He is responsible for coordinating Lightning Combatives operations in the United States.