System and Founders
Lightning Scientific Arnis International (LSAI) 
The Jon Escudero - Lightning Combatives curriculum is a system for developing the strength, speed, and stamina to effectively employ edged weapons, impact weapons, and hand to hand techniques against a broad range of weapons and situations. It was restructured to ensure that you, the student, are able to quickly learn and develop skills that could save your life.
The Lightning Combatives is a methodology developed by Master Jon Escudero to study the Filipino Martial Arts system founded by the late Grandmaster Benjamin Luna Lema. Lightning Scientific Arnis (LSAI), a traditional Filipino Martial arts system (also known as Tercia Serrada Cadenilla y Espada y Daga), focuses on the use of sticks, knives, machetes and hand to hand techniques as well as a broad range of improvised weapons in order to effectively defeat an attacker. The system emphasizes having the strength, speed, and stamina to explosively blanket your opponent with chained strikes, mixing timing while simultaneously blindsiding them for a superior vantage point to continue the attack and decisively end the altercation.
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Grandmaster Benjamin Luna Lema
Founder of Lightning Scientific Arnis International System
Benjamin Luna Lema, fondly known as "Mang Ben", was born March 19th, 1919 in Mambusao, Capiz on the island of Panay in the Republic of the Philippines. He was first introduced to martial arts by his father, Juan Lema, an esteemed Arnis teacher in Panay. Lema's father, and grandfather taught him, kept the tradition alive in teaching his own son.
Mang Ben graduated elementary school in Mambusao, high school in Roxas city and then went on to study two years of Commerce in the University. While residing in the city of Roxas, Mang Ben spent his time thoroughly exploring Karate, Judo, Boxing and weight lifting, the common Martial Arts of the time. At the age of 17, Lema's father taught his son the Espada y Daga style in private sessions. Juan focused his attention to fitness and reflex enhancing drills.
In 1937, Mang Ben and 20 of his friends established Lightning Scientific Arnis in Mambusao. His aim was to create a Filipino martial art based self defense system, which he inherit from his father, who in turn inherited from Mang Ben's grandfather.
Mang Ben and his friends, in the love of their art, traveled across the island of Panay, met esteemed veteran martial artists, masters of Arnis such as: Master Mauro Buhat, Master José Fernandez and Master Lorenzo Langsun. Mang Ben studied under these masters and perfected his styles of "Largo Mano" (long range) and "De Salon" (close range).
Master Jon Escudero  
Chief Instructor and founder of the Jon Escudero Lightning Combatives Organization
Master Jon Escudero works out of his headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel where he oversees groups in Europe and North America.

From an early age Jon has always been interested in Martial arts. It doesn't comes as  much of a surprise since his father and grandfather have always been interested in sports. His granfather also did amateur boxing fights in his youth. He blames his interest mostly on his dad who often took him to double features of kung-fu and ninja movies in downtown Manila.  So naturally, these fantastic features took root in his brain and kick started his desire to learn martial arts.  He clandestinely tried various Japanese and Korean Martial arts this school during his childhood & teens which were the ones mostly available then at that time.

The turning point for him was In College at the University of the Philippines he met his first Kung-fu teacher in 1994, Sifu Benito Khu, who steered him on a path of serious training and study.  He trained in different forms of Kung-fu with and without weapons.  He was the first president of the U.P. Wushu Club that he and his classmates founded in 1995.  He also studied some of the different Shaolin wushu forms as well as the different styles of Hsing-i, Bagua and Taichi chuan, Particularly Chenjiaguo Taijiquan which he still practices today.